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Marketing strategy

You can have a preconceived idea of the marketing activities you want to undertake, or let Faire know what outcome you want to achieve, and you’ll be delivered a realistic plan that will meet your requirements and budget.

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Marketing consultancy

Faire will work with you to determine your best route to market, aiding in defining and understanding your ideal customer, establishing where they spend their time online, in order to best reach and engage them. I’ll then implement these recommendations using a range of channels and tactics.


If you’re not quite sure what you need, but you know your business needs a boost, or just need a sense check, drop Faire an email and I’ll work through it with you in a methodical way.

Marketing strategy

Faire offers a wide range of digital strategic research and planning. This can include:

  • long- and short-term marketing planning and strategy
  • channel specific strategies
  • campaign planning
  • positioning
  • competitor analysis
  • buyer persona development

“Michelle is a brilliant marketing strategist and a very dedicated person. Her keen eye to detail and ability to put out fires is unrivalled. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for 18 months and with her vast knowledge and experience, both B2B and B2C, she would be a valuable asset for any business.”


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