Faire Marketing’s approach

Here’s a short introduction to Faire Marketing – my approach, background and more.


Hi, I’m Michelle. I started Faire Marketing because I wanted to create a company where small business leaders could expect strategic thinking for their marketing and efficient implementation at the same time and just not have to worry about it.

I wanted to create a place where people could bounce ideas, where people could just give me their business goals and then I would work out which channels were the best for them.

My background

I’ve worked in marketing for over a dozen years now. I took a degree in French and Spanish, which I like to think’s related because it’s all communication. My first job out of university had an element of marketing in it, which I really enjoyed and that was kind of my first taste of marketing, and then I pursued it after that.

I went into education marketing, working for one of the largest colleges in the country, recruiting international students. I took two years of evening classes to achieve my CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing, and then I went on to specialise with a CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Faire’s approach

It’s obviously a French word, it has many meanings: to make; to do; to be. All of which felt very appropriate because of the way that I approach marketing. I’ve worked both client-side and agency-side. It helps to have that perspective. If you’re looking for the marketing member of staff that you don’t have in-house, give me a call.